About us

Hello to all our valued readers!

Our website started as a part time interest between a handful of friends who were interested in health and particularly in fertility health. Why? Because we were going through our own difficult fertility issues or have had family or friends scratching their heads wondering if there is more they can do to improve their own individual situations.

We are not medical experts, but come from a variety of different backgrounds. We are ordinary people who thought why not do something to help ourselves and while we're at it, let's help some others as well! A lot of time and research is going into this website, and we hope to make this a full time venture soon. We aim to write about a diverse range of topics so that there is something of interest for everyone out there!

The fertility products and supplements that we promote are among the very best in the world. These products come from very well known and respected companies that specialize in fertility health. They have been formulated and put together from trained and educated experts within their fields. e.g. medical fertility specialists, naturopathic physicians, herbalists, nutritionists, yoga teachers etc! Although we do earn a small commission off the sales from these products, this revenue then goes back into the maintenance and costs of this website to keep it up and running.

Thanks so much for your interest in our site and we hope that we have helped in some way!

Baby dust to everyone out there who is trying to conceive at present!xx

Regards Justine!

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