Alternative fertility treatments

We'll discuss some of the most well known and increasingly popular alternative fertility treatments available for men and women.

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There are a variety of different approaches to help with fertility issues or infertility these days, and many people are turning to natural fertility treatments.

For some, this may be a totally new and unknown concept. Discover what's out there for you to choose from!

Infertility is the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse, and this term applies for both men and women. This time frame changes to six months once a women reaches the age of 35, so the sooner she addresses any health issues the better.

Unexplained infertility is a common diagnosis from doctors, which means that no obvious medical cause has been found. Hearing those words can actually leave a couple feeling emotionally confused as they're left with no explanation or answers? Alternative fertility treatments may particularly be an excellent option if this is your circumstance!

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People are well aware of the strain that modern society can have on our overall well being, both physically and mentally. These alternative fertility treatments are based on balancing out the whole body naturally, therefore promoting optimal chances for conception to take place.

We've become customized to waiting until a health problem arises and then taking prescriptions to fix it. Sometimes medicines only work temporarily, cause unwanted side effects, or are used to just mask the symptoms. What people forget is that the underlying causes are what also need to be dealt with!

We need to be in the state of homeostasis to stay well, or in other words - the regulation of all our bodily functions!

Even if you consider yourself to be fit and healthy, many of these natural choices are being used as a preventative measure against developing any health complications - a body maintenance program!

So what exactly are alternative fertility treatments? They're a number of different therapies that are not classed as standard or conventional medical practice (e.g. herbalism or acupuncture). These are targeted specifically towards supporting/re-balancing the reproductive system through treating the entire person (looking at the bigger picture)! Many doctors are now recognizing and even recommending for their patients to try some of these methods.

Forms of these natural remedies have been used for thousands of years by different cultures worldwide to help achieve pregnancy. After all, there's a lot of accumulated wisdom passed down from generation to generation! Plants and nutrients from Mother Nature, calming the mind, and energy sources from within the body can provide us with the ultimate healing abilities. Firstly, a few other considerations...

Males and females are equally effected by fertility health issues. Therefore regardless of any given situations, we advise for both partners to make a mandatory doctors appointment! This is recommended as part of your preconception care plan. Your doctor can give you a general health check up and run some routine diagnostic tests. Some common medical conditions may interfere with your chances of conceiving, so these will need to be ruled out or managed.

We also suggest looking at our signs of infertility page as this covers some of the most obvious bodily symptoms for you to look out for. If any of these are noticed you must discuss them with your doctor as soon as possible. These are all clues which can help diagnose any medical problems that can involve or implicate the reproductive system. The earlier a problem is found the better, so you can begin treatment. Some forms of infertility will still require medical interventions.

Always check with your personal physician before taking any supplements or herbal remedies. This is especially the case if you have any known health disorders, are due for a surgery, or taking any prescription/over the counter medications.

If you're about to undergo any types of specialized reproductive programs (such as IVF or taking fertility drugs) please discuss any alternative fertility treatments that you may be interested in with your specialist. These holistic options may be suitable to be used alongside (complementary) your course of clinical procedures, but always check first.

Self help - several other steps can aid fertility health. Check out our lifestyle and fertility problems section as this covers a range of topics that affect the reproductive system. There are different issues worth investigating and adjustments to be made where required. Read up on how inappropriate exercise levels and weight can diminish our chances of conceiving. Environmental toxins are impacting us, and why we need to detox. Any bad personal habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs etc) must be addressed. Another important factor to investigate is stress!

Following our fertility diet can be very positive. We are what we eat after all! Proper nutrition and converting to organics can make a huge difference to how our body functions, including regulating our hormones. Learn what foods we need to avoid!

More and more people are developing an interest in complementary therapies, as these have been showing some great results and the word is getting out! It's now estimated that 70-80% of people from developed countries have used some form of a natural remedy. The money costs are relatively affordable, plus it feels good knowing you're doing something positive for your body! Want to learn more about them? Included within this alternative fertility treatments section of our website we have -

  • Self help, stress relief and positive affirmations
  • Detoxification
  • Acupuncture and acupressure
  • Fertility massage
  • Herbal remedies
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Visiting a naturopath
  • Flower remedies
  • Chinese traditional medicine
  • Nutritional/toxin analysis – hair sample
  • Yoga (fun too)!

Several countries still depend on traditional medicines as their primary source of health care!

Take a look into these different alternative fertility treatments to see which may be best suited for you and your partner. Everyone has their own beliefs - some need scientific research, while others are comfortable with trying out something a little less conventional.

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Oh, but most important of all - try to remember to relax when trying for a baby!

How do you find a natural health expert that's right for you?

There are many alternative health care providers to choose from which can be confusing! If you're at a loss and don't know where to begin we've put together some suggestions to make this whole process easier.

Natural fertility enhancers (men and women)

Take a peek at the best natural fertility enhancers that are made to get the body healthy and fertile! We,ve put together the best on the market.

Fertility supplements

Supplements can help guard against nutritional deficiencies which are a major cause of fertility problems. Read about the most recommended fertility supplements designed specifically for each gender. These are formulated to give the reproductive system a healthy boost.

Acupuncture treatment for infertility - for both men and women

Find out about acupuncture and fertility. Read the research - this can improve the odds of IVF success, and help with men's sperm quality.

Fertility tea is an all natural pleasant drink! Separate formulas for each partner

Pre-blended with the highest quality ingredients for reproductive health. A herbal fertility tea can be enjoyed while taking a well deserved break.

An effective detox supplement can help improve men and women's fertility!

Exposure to common toxins/chemicals are a major cause of reproductive issues and can also put an unborn baby's health at risk. This doctor designed

detoxification supplement is made to assist the body with the elimination of these harmful substances during preconception.

Fertility yoga for women

There are many benefits of yoga for women's fertility. Great for stress reduction, relaxation, and inner peace. Specialized poses tone muscles and improve blood circulation to the reproductive organs. Helps the body to become re-balanced to support fertility health.

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