Conception positions

If you're trying for a baby then you may be wondering if there are any special conception positions? Yes, a few may be able to help! We'll discuss the best sex positions to get pregnant.

best conception positions

Although pregnancy can occur regardless of “how you do it” there are believed to be a few conception positions which may increase your odds. Likewise, there are positions to avoid, as these may hinder your chances of conceiving.

These methods are more theory than evidential facts, but these suggestions have been passed down from decade to decade. A number of medical experts even recommend using these techniques when trying to conceive! Feel free to speak to your personal physician for advice.

Firstly, here are several extra tips on timing, lubricants, and reducing stress!

As well as practicing the best conception positions, it's a good idea to have your ovulation timing sorted - see here for ovulation prediction tools. This is important as you don't want to miss out on your fertile days! Learning about your cycle and when ovulation occurs can make all the difference between a positive and negative pregnancy test. A common misconception is that ovulation always occurs on day 14 but this isn't always the case (even with a regular 28 day cycle). Pinpointing ovulation is more difficult for women who have shorter, longer, or irregular cycle lengths. Therefore this is why ovulation prediction tools are crucial, as they let you know in advance before you're going to ovulate.

You're most likely to conceive by having sex during the days leading up to ovulation followed by the actual day you ovulate. This gives a fertile window of up to six days in certain circumstances (but it's usually less than that). This is because sperm cells typically survive inside the female reproductive tract for two - five days depending on the conditions (e.g. fertile cervical mucus). The egg only survives for 12-24 hours after ovulation. 

You may have heard that a mans sperm count is higher in the morning to early afternoon. Studies suggest this may be the correct (even if minimal). Hey, anything to help! Use a sperm friendly lubricant such as Pre-seed as you don't want all your efforts to go amiss. A majority of personal lubricants can damage or kill sperm cells which most people don't realize!

Remember to have fun!! Trying for a baby can be stressful and events may become a bit too routine. Studies show that stress and infertility may have a connection. Break the familiarity up as much as possible. Try swapping massages with your partner before love making, or having some relaxing music play in the background. It's time to spark up your imagination! Perhaps have a romantic dinner at a restaurant occasionally, take a holiday, or just go away for a weekend break to relax.

The best conception positions

    The males sperm needs to be deposited as close to the females        cervix as possible to aid with the chances of conceiving!

The cervix is positioned at the lower end of the uterus and protrudes into the vagina. The vagina's environment is acidic to sperm, so the less time it spends in there the better. It helps to work with gravity, instead of against it! For that reason, these sex positions to get pregnant are the most effective.

*Important note - Many women (an estimated 20-30%) have a retroverted uterus (also called a tipped uterus or tilted uterus). This is often diagnosed while having a routine pelvic examination or pap smear exam. Normally a uterus is either vertical (midposition) or tilted forwards (anteverted) towards the bladder, with the anterior (front) end slightly concaved. However, a retroverted uterus is tilted backwards towards the tailbone.

*Slight variations of conception positions are mentioned for woman who have this retroverted condition.

Ask your doctor if you would like to know about your uterus and cervix position. This will give you more of an insight as every woman is different.

Man on top (missionary position)

Missionary position is an excellent sex position to get pregnant. The mans penis can penetrate deeply into the woman, and the sperm is ejaculated very close to the cervix. Putting a pillow under the pelvis during intercourse also directs semen towards the cervix.

The woman should stay lying down for at least 15 minutes after ejaculation to avoid the sperm having to swim against gravity. In addition raising her legs (no more than 30 degrees) helps act as a conception position after sex.

*Caution - If you are prone to bladder/urinary infections go to the toilet straight away after intercourse.

For women with a retroverted uterus avoid the pillow under the pelvis during sex. Instead lie on your stomach for around 15 minutes after ejaculation. You can put a pillow under your hips (bum raised) to assist with the flow of semen through into the uterus. 

Rear entry (doggie style)

With deep penetration, rear entry enables the sperm to be deposited right next to the cervix. This method is thought to be one of the "great" conception positions. People swear by it! This position is the best technique for woman who have a retroverted uterus. The man enters the woman from behind with her on her hands and knees, or she can rest on her elbows. She may also lie on her stomach with the man on top (as long as the man is holding his weight off her).

Lie down for around 15 minutes after ejaculation. Females with a retroverted uterus lie on your stomach instead of back.

If prone to bladder infections go straight to the toilet.

Woman’s orgasm

While it's not necessary for the woman to achieve an orgasm in order to conceive, some experts think that it may actually be an advantage. When a woman has an orgasm the contractions cause the cervix to dip lower into the vagina, and this may help by sucking the sperm up into the uterus improving the chance of conception taking place!

In order for the woman’s orgasm to be useful, she should orgasm either simultaneously as her partner (this is not an easy thing to do) or up to 40 minutes after the male ejaculation which is easier.

Sex positions to avoid when trying to conceive

Avoid any positions which place the woman on top, bending over or standing. Having sex in this manner may be a lot of fun, but the semen is likely to leak out. You don't want any wasted do you! From of the hundreds of millions of sperm cells in a single ejaculate, only 1000 or less will actually make it all the way up into the fallopian tubes. Don't make them have to swim uphill, defying gravity to reach the cervix opening!  

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Good luck and have a good time!

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