Improve fertility with exercise
and weight management
to cleanse body toxins

exercise and weight management to cleanse toxins

Regular exercise and weight management is an ideal way to help detoxify the body and promote better health. We're bombarded with all sorts of toxins on a daily basis! The less toxins the better where fertility is concerned.

Toxins come from many sources (internal and external) and contribute towards an array of health disorders. Research has shown that an accumulation of body toxins can contribute towards fertility problems for both men and women, making conception difficult.

We need to be proactive to help remove toxins from the body and stop further build up. This is where regular exercise and weight management is of great benefit!

The reproductive system is highly influenced by our overall state of health. Besides reducing the body's toxic load, exercise and weight management has numerous other health benefits. These include helping keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure under control, reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, and/or diabetes. Plus you'll have more energy and feel good!

Other factors must be taken into consideration to improve fertility and your future baby's health. You can read about these topics in our preconception care page. Preconception is the three – six months before trying to conceive.

*Please note – If you suspect that you may have been exposed to any types of chemicals, heavy metals, or other pollutants, make an appointment to see your personal physician for advice.


Regular daily exercise accelerates the body's natural detoxification mechanisms. Physical activity increases blood circulation throughout the body allowing important nutrients to effectively reach our cells, tissue, organs, and muscles. Lymph fluid (part of the immune system) will also circulate more efficiently increasing the body's ability to kill pathogens and remove toxins.

Exercise flushes metabolic waste and other harmful substances from our cells, and vital organs are cleansed. Toxins can then be eliminated through the various bodily pathways.

Aerobic exercise is excellent as this makes us breath deeply enhancing oxygen delivery to our cells. As we breath out we expel more carbon dioxide (by-product of respiration) regulating levels in the bloodstream. Sufficient oxygen supply is essential for proper cell function and biochemical processes to take place.

Examples of aerobic activities include – walking, jogging, dancing, and swimming. Most health experts recommend 30 minutes of physical activity, five or six days per week. An exercise routine helps maintain a healthy weight as metabolism is improved.

Weight management

Being within the correct weight range for our height (BMI) is important. Toxins usually store in adipose tissue (fat) where they can accumulate instead of being excreted by the body! The more fat we carry, the more toxins are trapped inside. This is the body's protection mechanism from damage that can be caused by these otherwise circulating poisons.

Unfortunately this is still an unhealthy state to be in. Some experts suggest that toxins actually promote the body to gain fat for this protective purpose. Fat cells also produce the hormone estrogen which puts overweight people at a higher risk of estrogen dominance diseases.

Loosing weight slowly and sensibly with a nutrition and exercise plan if needed will encourage toxin elimination.

As you loose the excess weight toxins will start releasing from the adipose tissue into other parts of the body, so it's best to aid their removal. There are various detox products available in the market for this purpose. Another point is that stubborn fat may not want to budge as it desperately holds onto those toxin. Therfore a good detoxification program will also work to help get rid of those final extra pounds! For those who are going to be trying for a baby in the near future, we recommend doctor designed FertileDetox.

*Important - Consult your personal physician for advice and a routine check up before beginning any weight loss/exercise routines. Women shouldn't diet once pregnant as toxins can pass through into the developing baby.

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