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So what exactly is the meaning of fertility? This might seem like the simplest of questions, but surprisingly a lot of people aren't quite sure about the answer. So let's help explain...

What is fertility?

Fertility is the capability of producing healthy
offspring through normal sexual activity!

A few different factors combine into one to describe the term fertility. The health of the entire body and reproductive system is taken into account to determine the degree of how fertile a man or woman is.

Various diseases, immune system dysfunction, or even some common health complaints may affect fertility. Other considerations are poor nutrition, bad lifestyle habits, raised stress levels, and toxins, as any of these may also affect fertility levels.

Even though our fertility definition covers both genders, here's a more in depth look at the  technicalities for men and women separately -


  • Correct balance of hormones - chemical messengers
  • Condition of the sexual organs - presence of disease or other abnormalities
  • Semen quality - fluid which carries, nourishes, and protects sperm cells 
  • Sperm production capability - overall health plays a large role
  • Sperm quality - includes the count (number of sperm in ejaculate) motility (movement and speed) and morphology (shape)


  • Correct balance of hormones - influences the entire reproductive system
  • Condition of the sexual organs - disease or other abnormalities
  • Number of healthy eggs - as they decline with age
  • Normal menstrual cycle - uterus to grow a thick new lining each month in preparation for a fertilized egg, and for ovulation to occur
  • Fertilized egg to successfully implant into the endometrium - certain issues can lead to the uterine lining breaking down, or the inability for the egg to attach itself
  • Ability to nourish and carry a pregnancy to full term - general health

 Now you should have a much better understanding of fertility!

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By following a preconception care plan couples can help promote optimal fertility and the best possible beginning for a growing new life!

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