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fertility diet to help reproductive health

What is a fertility diet you ask?

We all know that we are supposed to look after our bodies by practicing healthy eating habits and by doing our regular daily exercise. We can become run down and sick if we are not getting enough of these essential nutrients. Yes, you have heard it all before!

Most people however are unaware of the impact that food can have on our fertility (as numerous studies conclude). If a couple is experiencing fertility issues, then they should (yes blokes too) take a good look at their eating habits.

As well as having a weakened immune system through poor nutrition, there are also foods that are known to play havoc with our reproductive systems! This is why following a fertility diet is so essential!

Of course it is always advisable for you and your partner to have a full health check up with a qualified medical practitioner. This is to rule out any conditions that may affect your fertility.

However the term ‘unexplained infertility’ is a common diagnosis from medical experts. This term simply means that "no obvious identifiable medical explanation has been found"!

This is where you need to start looking at all those hidden contributing health factors. Ensuring you are eating a well balanced nutritious diet is always favorable towards your fertility health.

There are also certain lifestyle factors to consider, which we look at within the fertility problems section on this website. This is highly recommended reading!

We suggest you read our page about infertility and alcohol. Drinking is an extremely widespread occurrence in today's society. Most of us are aware of the impact that alcohol abuse can cause on the body, as this is well known. However, there is also the risk factor of how drinking can affect the functioning of the sexual organs, delaying conception.

We also have a great section with some helpful and informative conception/fertility tips in trying to conceive. Within this ‘fertility diet’ section, we will explore in detail the part that nutrition plays on fertility. Both partners need to be as healthy as possible before trying for a baby. This fertility diet is a helpful insight regarding changes that you can make to assist your homeostatic status (regulation of bodily functions) including your reproductive system.

We will learn about which foods are the best for you to eat when planning to conceive, and also what you need to avoid. A good diet can help to re-balance both male and female hormones, which is essential for optimum fertility levels. This can help increase your chances of conceiving!

The woman will most definitely benefit from a healthy lifestyle if she should become pregnant, as this will provide the best possible start for a growing new life inside her. Monitoring food intake throughout pregnancy is of uppermost importance. This is to ensure and maintain the health of both herself and the baby!

Some of the topics we will include are -

  • Hormones and diet
  • Nutrients for men's health
  • Nutrients for women's health
  • Best foods for fertility
  • Foods you should avoid eating
  • Creating a food plan for him and her

Another benefit of the fertility diet, is better health through becoming more aware of what you are eating. You will also have a lot more energy, and you will need this if you become a parent!

Fertility teas for men and women

Herbal fertility tea is designed to support the whole reproductive system. Great for your fertility diet as a substitute to caffeine based beverages.

Natural fertility enhancers (men and women)

Their are some very good natural fertility enhancers that are formulated to help boost fertility and improve your chances of conception taking place. Take a look...

Why is nutrition important?

The nutritional value of food can easily be forgotten about in today's hectic world! We are 'brainwashed' into purchasing look good, easy to prepare meals. Learn what all the essential nutrients are, and why a balanced diet is essential to stay healthy! Why is nutrition important? Find out more...

The benefits of organic food

Chemical residues found in our food supplies are known to be reducing our fertility levels and promoting estrogen dominance diseases! Discover the health benefits of organic food and how you can protect yourself against these toxins! This is an important factor of your fertility diet! Find out what else is happening to our food!

What's the recommended amount of water to drink each day?

Find out how much water to drink daily for rehydration and to stay healthy. Discover how being dehydrated can affect fertility. Roles of water within the human body and symptoms of dehydration.

Body toxin removal diet tips

A accumulation of various body toxins can upset overall health and/or contribute towards fertility problems. Certain aspects of what we eat can help. Learn about body toxin removal through diet.

Tips on how to drink more water if you find the taste boring!

The most basic necessity for your fertility diet but some find water difficult to consume. Helpful ideas on how to drink more water. Makes it easier to have enough each day.

Squeeze fresh lemon into your water

Try adding lemon juice into your water twice daily. Lemon water has many positive effects on the body which we've listed.

Your weight has a big influence on your chances of conceiving (men and women)!

If you are either underweight or overweight, you are diminishing your fertility health! Calculate body mass index using our chart to see if you are within your recommended body weight!

What's the story regarding caffeine and fertility? A commonly asked question!

Caffeine and fertility is a touchy subject for some, as caffeine (especially coffee) is loved by many! However, you do need to consider the adverse effects of caffeine on your reproductive system!

Infertility and alcohol - a must read!

If you are one of the many that enjoy a drink (or two, or three...) then you must take into account the negative impact this is having on your reproductive system! Find out more about infertility and alcohol.

A detox supplement can benefit both partners

Prepare for conception with a detoxification supplement. Helps remove common toxins that can interfere with fertility. Reduces potential health risks for a future developing fetus.

Dietary fertility supplements

Guard your body against nutritional deficiencies which can affect your reproductive health. Specific nutrients have been combined together by experts to provide the best in fertility supplements!

The benefits of folic acid

This vitamin can help with both male and female fertility! Women especially need to be aware of how supplementation with this vitamin can drastically decrease the risk of neural tube defects. Read these folic acid facts and find out which foods contain this important nutrient! A must for your fertility diet!

Have you heard about trans fats?

Why are trans fats bad for fertility health? Research is finding out the detrimental effects of this 'artificial fat' and how this can contribute towards infertility and pregnancy problems!

Take a look at our list of superfoods

This superfoods diet is beneficial for anyone wanting to look after their health and fertility. It's very easy to incorporate a few of these foods into your daily routines.

Full fat dairy foods for women

Evidence is suggesting that swapping the trim milk for the whole milk may increase female fertility by influencing normal ovulation cycles. Read the research...

Products to Help you Conceive

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