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Conceiving a baby should be simple right? Not always! Are you aware that fertility problems are often brought on by our lifestyle, bad habits, and surroundings.

fertility problems upset couple need help Fertility problems can turn the act of having sex with your partner (the fun part) into a stressful time for any couple.

After deciding that you both want to start a family, the following times can become like an emotionally charged roller coaster ride!

There are the highs felt whilst planning and attempting to conceive, followed by the lows of disappointment when the dreaded monthly cycle comes around (as many women can relate to). What may be even worse, is if the pregnancy test shows a negative result – again! Mixed thoughts can begin to circulate, and this can make you both feel very confused.

We aim to help you by covering some of the major reasons why people are having problems conceiving. There are many positive steps that a couple can make. Knowledge is a helpful tool!

Fertility issues equally effect both men and women. In some cases, both partners may have fertility problems!

Male/female infertility is described as the failure to conceive after one year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse (or after six months once a women reaches 35 years old).

Firstly for both partners, a qualified medical practitioner needs to rule out any medical problems that may be effecting your fertility. This should be done before you start to consider any possible solutions. A general check up with your doctor is recommended (regardless) as part of your preconception care plan. Certain common health issues or medications can be a contributing cause of delayed conception.

Please read up on the most obvious physical signs of infertility, as these symptoms are clues for your doctor to obtain an accurate diagnosis for you. In certain cases your doctor may want to refer you on to a specialist for further evaluation. If a specific medical problem is found, at least you will know what you are dealing with (the first step)! The best possible treatments for your individual circumstance can then be discussed.

The human body isn't coping with our ever developing modern lives! Many health problems can be prevented, alleviated, or halted by making some necessary lifestyle adjustments. This change for the better can also support any medical treatments you may require.

However, a common cause of infertility is termed as unexplained. If this is your circumstance, you may be left feeling a little mystified! This simply means that no identifiable medical explanation has been found by doctors. Sometimes the body only needs to be a little out of balance for bodily functions to not work normally.

Don’t despair! We'll look into all the positive steps that both partners can make to optimize fertility, and ways of greatly improving your chances of conception. Fertility problems can often trace back to how we treat our bodies (lifestyle) and our every day environments that we live and work in.

A change to a fertility diet is highly recommended, as this can help to re-balance hormones that are essential for the reproductive system. A lack of the essential nutrients needed for our fertility health is a big problem these days. This is partially due to the convenience of processed products and fast foods that are so easily available. Chemical residues found in our food are of great concern, and are definitely effecting fertility levels!

We also look at helpful conception/fertility tips (important ones too, we would like to add) within our trying to conceive section. Read about ovulation timing, sperm friendly lubricant, conception positions, and especially for guys - how to look after your sperm!

The association between lifestyle/environment and reproductive disorders is well established. Under this fertility problems section we'll discuss important lifestyle issues that can play havoc with our chances of becoming a parent. Topics include -

  • Stress and infertility
  • Exercise and weight
  • Recreational drugs
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Hidden environmental toxinsDetoxification

There are a broad range of reasons why couples fail to conceive. To achieve the best chances for conception, one of the first things you need to do is to learn about these different subjects. Both partners can then recognize the correct lifestyle changes needed to help with your plans of having a baby.

These are extremely important topics so take note!

Natural fertility enhancers (men and women)

We've listed the very best natural fertility enhancers on the market today to help improve your chances of conception!

Leading causes of low sperm count

Lifestyle and environmental causes of low sperm count . A check list to see what issues may be affecting you.

Stress and infertility - are you affected by this?

How can stress affect our fertility? Confused brain signals can upset how the body functions, including our reproductive hormones. Find out more regarding the link between stress and infertility and how to combat this problem.

What are the health effects of smoking cigarettes with regards to fertility?

Do either you or your partner smoke? Even second hand smoke can harm your fertility. You need to know how the health effects of smoking can interfere with your chances of conceiving! Find out what poisons are in cigarettes.

How to give up smoking?

We have some great stop smoking tips to help you get started!

Environmental health hazards

Discover how environmental health hazards are putting our fertility at risk! What can we do to avoid these hidden toxins and dangers?

Infertility and alcohol - if you drink, you must read this!

Learn about how an overworked liver can contribute towards hormonal imbalances, and why this has an adverse effect on the sexual organs. Even moderate alcohol intake may effect your reproductive capabilities. Read all about infertility and alcohol and how you can help with your chances of conception.

Body weight for optimal fertility health

Calculate body mass index using our BMI chart. If you are too far outside your recommended body weight you are putting yourself at risk of fertility problems or infertility. This applies for being both underweight or overweight.

Find out the importance of exercise towards your fertility and overall well being

Did you know that either too little or too much physical activity can have a negative impact on the reproductive system. Learn more about the importance of exercise.

Exercise and weight management to help detox

The lesser known hidden benefits of regular exercise and weight control! Exercise and weight management to cleanse body toxins.

Detoxification supplement for men and women

What's a good detoxification supplement for fertility? Look no further... Helps eliminate environmental toxins from the body which can otherwise interfere with your chances of conceiving!

Adequate sleep can help improve fertility

The side effects of sleep deprivation include fertility problems. Answers to why we need sleep and how much we should have. Did you know that light and dark affect our hormone regulation?

Infertility support has many benefits

Infertility support can be a great help if you're struggling emotionally with fertility problems (individuals and couples). You don't need to feel alone! This service also gives you access to current information and resources.

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