Find out how to increase
sperm count naturally!

How to increase sperm count? Actually the correct technical term is 'sperm quality'. We have the best information for you to help your 'swimmers' reach that egg!

increase sperm count naturally

The motility (movement) and the morphology (shape) of the sperm is just as important for fertilization of the egg. Read all about this informative subject in our sperm analysis page, which describes the parameters of ‘normal sperm cells' in more detail.

If you have been wondering if you have a 'normal sperm count' then it is a good idea to have a test done for your specific evaluation. If you have a sperm analysis done with a poor result, then it is best for you to discuss this with your doctor. However, your body can always use some extra help through positive nutritional and lifestyle choices, as this can go a long way to help increase your sperm count and quality!

Guys, it is advisable to visit your doctor, for a routine check up regardless of your situation, as this is a recommended part of your preconception care plan. Let your doctor know that you are trying to conceive, as they can discuss any relevant information that you may need to know, depending on your individual circumstances and medical background.

There are certain medical conditions that can interfere with reproductive function, so these need to be ruled out, addressed or monitored.

If you are on any existing prescription medications, discuss with your physician any possible relation they may have towards sperm count and quality. Your doctor can either change the medication, or adjust the dosage if necessary for you preconception health.

Sperm maturation

The spermatozoa take around three months to mature, although they are constantly being produced. If you have been ill with flu, an infection or fever within the last few months, this could affect your current sperm quality. Likewise any negative lifestyle factors can also impact your sperm cells. How to increase sperm count? Your body can do with some replenishment and ‘TLC’ to help restore the quality of your ‘little guys’! Your sperm supply should be completely regenerated after around three months time.

How to increase sperm count!


Nutrition plays a huge role for the production of healthy sperm and semen (much more than you probably realize)! Keep your diet well balanced to ensure optimal fertility, and this will also help keep up energy levels. How to increase sperm count -

  • Eat fresh organic fruits and veges - these are full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (must be free of pesticides and other chemicals that damage sperm)
  • Proteins - eat more seafood and vegetable proteins rather than meats
  • Organic lean meats/poultry/eggs and dairy - check packaging labels, must be ‘hormone free’ (as these can significantly contribute towards hormonal imbalances)

  • Saturated fats (mostly from animal sources) - limit daily intake
  • Trans fats (avoid totally) - liquid oils that are made into solid fats, often found in packaged products or fast food (check all labeling)
  • Eat unsaturated fats which include the essential fatty acids (the good fats) these are found mostly from vegetable sources (except omega 3) incorporate these into your diet -
  • (EFAs) Omega 3 found in oily cold water fish
  • (EFAs) Omega 6 present in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils
  • Minimize sugar intake
  • Whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes/pulses - are all high fiber, protein and help keep your digestive system functioning smoothly
  • Avoid refined foods such as white flour or white rice
  • Also avoid processed foods and soda drinks - these are full of unhealthy preservatives, additives, sugars, excess salt and fats, so best avoided
  • Filtered water - is best as normal tap water can contain traces of heavy metal and chemical residue, make sure you drink at least eight x 8-ounce glasses per day or more if exercising

We have a section especially about which foods, vitamins and minerals are the best to eat for men and women who are trying to conceive (as well as what foods to avoid)! A fertility diet is highly recommended as it can help re-balance the hormones that are necessary for reproductive health!


How to increase sperm count? Provide your reproductive system with a boost! It is often difficult to know if you are getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Men's natural fertility supplements, have been particularly formulated with the best ingredients known to provide optimal nutrition for sperm quality! Why not receive a little added help?

supplements to improve male fertility

Male fertility starter pack from Fairhaven Health

Contains FertilAid, MotilityBoost, and CountBoost! These three products are highly respected within the fertility community. Put together this starter pack provides a range of special vitamins, herbal ingredients, antioxidants, and amino acids which have been scientifically shown to help improve male fertility!


How to increase sperm count? It is advised to cut down on caffeine intake before, and while you are trying to conceive. Too much caffeine can negatively impact your sperm. Stick to under 300mg caffeine per day, 250mg is even better! Caffeine is commonly found in coffee, tea, cola, chocolate and energy drinks. We have more information on this subject under our caffeine and fertility page which is interesting reading!

fertility tea for men

Fertility herbal tea

Why not try a herbal fertility tea that's especially formulated for men's reproductive health and sexual vitality. ViriliTea for men is flavored with ginger, cat mint, cinnamon bark, and stevia, combined with fertility enhancing plants and herbs. Based on Chinese and Ayurvedic traditional medicine and modern scientific research.

This tea contains organic ingredients and is totally caffeine free, making this drink a great substitute for regular coffee and other caffeinated beverages!


Although most of us love a few drinks, keep this to an absolute minimum during the preconception stage. How to increase sperm count? It is well documented that alcohol has an adverse effect on the reproductive system! Consuming too much alcohol can cause an increase of the estrogen hormone. With an estrogen/testosterone imbalance, this can lead to disruptions with your sperm production, and poor quality. Erectile dysfunction is also a possibility if you drink too much. Read about this important subject under infertility and alcohol.


Research shows that smoking effects the overall sperm quality, and increases the risk of genetic damage in sperm cells. Smoking is also a major contributor towards erectile dysfunction through damage to the blood vessels.

Smoking cigarettes depletes vitamin c from your body. A lack of this vitamin can contribute to sperm 'clumping' together (a condition called agglutination). The sperm looses its motility, so fertilization of the egg is less likely.

Inhaling second hand smoke has proven to be just as harmful. Make your home a smoke free zone. How to increase sperm count? Stop smoking (never a better time to quit)! With the support of family and friends “you can give up smoking”!

There are excellent ‘quit smoking’ treatments available. We do not however recommend using nicotine gum or patches while trying to get your partner pregnant (nicotine should be avoided). Learn more about the health effects of smoking on your fertility.

Recreational drugs

Very simple this one! The taking of drugs is harmful to sperm! They are also a major contributor towards erectile difficulties or impotence. Not only can recreational drugs effect sperm count and quality, but some could cause damage to the DNA structure within the cells nucleus (central part). We will discuss just a few...

Marijuana has been shown to play havoc with the 'motility' or 'swimming' capability of sperm cells, lessening the chances of the egg becoming fertilized. Cocaine use in men has been linked to birth defects of their offspring, because of the interference this drug can cause with the genetic material inside the sperm. Another common problem is the misuse of anabolic steroids which as well as causing problems with sperm production, can also cause other disturbing disorders of the sexual organs.

How to increase sperm count? Stop the drugs if you are series about becoming a dad! If you have a drug problem, you may need help from a professional! Seek advice from your doctor.

Overheating/lack of circulation to the scrotum

There is a reason why your “man-hood” hangs away from the rest of your body! The scrotum covers the testis and enables them to keep at a slightly lower temperature than the rest of your body. Higher temperature of the scrotum can be damaging to sperm! How to increase sperm count? Things to be aware of and avoid are -

  • Over tight underwear or trousers - bad for circulation and heat (try cotton boxers)
  • Constant sitting with crossed legs
  • Hot baths - regular use is not recommended
  • Saunas
  • Electric blankets
  • Laptops - do not use while on your lap! Studies suggest the high temperature produced by the battery is damaging sperm!
  • Bike riding - while this is a good form of exercise, be careful as there is some speculation regarding the circulation to the testis being cut of from certain bike seats shapes. If possible buy a ‘cushioned’ bike seat cover and wear well padded bike pants. If you are able to, tilt your bike seat downwards. Try to have regular breaks while out riding.

Environmental toxins

How to increase sperm count! Minimize the exposure to certain toxins that are surrounding us all in our every day lives! There is growing concern regarding the use of certain chemicals in everyday consumer products. These chemicals are known as estrogen mimics or hormone disruptors, and are implicated in causing fertility problems and illnesses. These estrogen mimics are known as xenoestrogens.

These chemicals can leach out of plastic, so eat and drink from glass or ceramics. Plastic that has been heated is especially bad. Do not drink from water bottles if they have been heated by the sun.

Pesticides contain these hormone disruptors, so eat organic or thoroughly wash your fruit and veges before eating.

Certain meats and dairy produce are loaded with estrogen mimicking ‘growth hormones’ that the animals were given, in order to ensure a thriving industry. Eat organic (hormone free meats).

Common household cleansers contain xenoestrogens. Try using chemical free alternatives. There are plenty around if you do your homework!

Many personal care products contain hormone mimicking chemicals, including shampoos and conditioners, soaps, skin lotions, deodorants and after shaves. There is a growing market for natural based personal care products on the market.

Visit your local health food and supply store, as they will have plenty of ‘safe’ natural products for you to choose from.

Certain work environments can put you at increased risk of chemical or heavy metal exposure. Make sure your employer is complying with all health and safety regulations. Take all precautions and wear the necessary protective safety gear.

While having any routine x-rays,the genital region should be protected/shielded as sperm production capability can be adversely effected.

Discover more about environmental health hazards as this is one of societies newest concerns.

detox for fertility


A detox is a good idea, to help rid your body of all those harmful chemicals and heavy metals that may have accumulated in your system over time. Toxins are extremely damaging to sperm cells. How to increase sperm count? With FertileDetox which has been made especially to help the body's own detoxification systems to neutralize and remove of all those nasty toxins. Drinking water also helps to flush out your system. Only a 'healthy' body can produce healthy sperm!

We do however recommend visiting your doctor if you believe that you're at a higher than normal risk of exposure to toxins from your environment or job. They may recommend diagnostic lab tests to check levels in the body.

Cell phones in pockets/laptops on knees

This is the subject of ongoing studies. The electromagnetic fields (EMF) of the cell phones are thought to be damaging sperm.The same theory goes with the use of your laptop (on your actual lap)! How to increase sperm count? Keep your phone away from your body (especially your trouser pockets) and avoid prolonged used of your phone (scientists are not sure about overall safety). Use your computer on a desk or tabletop!


An overload of stress causes physical symptoms throughout the body. Most people know that stress can contribute towards illness if left for a prolonged period of time. Read about how recent studies suggest that stress and infertility could also have a connection, through causing hormonal imbalances. Stress can cause mixed signals to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland (parts of the brain) that are ‘overall’ in charge of regulating the reproductive hormones.

Stress can also occur through 'over tiredness' so have some 'rest time' and get plenty of sleep. How to increase sperm count? Learning how to deal with stress will help your whole body to function normally.

Exercise and weight

A healthy weight for your size is best, as being overweight or underweight can contribute towards hormone irregularities that can effect fertility. Ask your doctor about what your ideal body weight should be, as this can help promote a normal sperm count.

Exercise is also important for health and circulation, and also is great for reducing stress levels. How to increase sperm count? Regular activity in moderation is the key. However, we do not recommend over extensive physical exercise, as this can have a negative impact on your sperm supply, through overheating.


How to increase sperm count? Current research suggests getting some sunshine on a daily basis can help with male fertility! Sunshine on our skin produces vitamin D, which research has found to have a correlation with sperm quality (although not fully understood as yet).

It is thought that the sunshine also prevents an overload of the melatonin hormone, which may lead to fertility problems. Getting 10 to 15 minutes of sun each day should be sufficient. Do not sun bake for long periods as this can cause a rise in temperature, which is bad for sperm cells.


How to increase sperm count? It is true that sperm count and motility drops with each ejaculation. The frequency of ejaculation is not normally a problem for a healthy male with a normal sperm count. However, if you have been proven to have a low sperm count, this could lower your chance of fertilizing the females egg!

Although sperm cells are constantly being produced, if you ejaculate too often, the sperm count and motility will drop. Research suggests that ejaculating every three days is adequate for potency. If you abstain for too long (more than seven days) this will also effect the sperm count and motility, as their will be more ‘dead’ cells. So “saving up” so to speak, does not mean a higher chance of fertilization either!

If you are trying to conceive, carry on having regular sex throughout your partners whole cycle. Ovulation may not take place exactly on the calculated date. Sperm cells on average survive inside the female for three to five days. Most couples will have ‘extra’ sex around calculated ovulation dates.

fertility friendly lubricant

Sperm friendly lubricants - important!!

It's common for couples to use personal lubricants, but what most people don't realize is that most lubricants are harmful to sperm cells! So finally after all the effort you may have put in to your fertility health, do not ruin your chances of conception by using a lube that is likely to damage or kill your sperm!. Pre-Seed lubricant is specially designed for use when trying to conceive. It has a similar pH level and osmosis concentration as semen, therefore providing a healthy environment for sperm to thrive.

How to increase sperm count? All the above information has provided you with the best recommendations on producing a 'normal sperm count'! Best of luck!

These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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