Help increase female fertility
with full fat dairy

How to increase female fertility? We have good news for ice cream lovers! Researchers are suggesting that eating full fat dairy food may promote regular ovulation cycles.

increase female fertility drink whole milk Female fertility is a complicated science as their are numerous nutritional factors that can all play a significant role.

Many women watch their weight, and prefer the trim milk over the full fat version. However, research has discovered a link between eating low fat dairy and decreased ovulation function!

Ovulation is the maturation and release of an egg from the ovary, which normally happens around 28 day intervals.

The research was part of a larger eight year study called The Nurses Health Study II in the U.S. which involved thousands of nurse participants aged between 24-42 years old. This study investigated different factors that influence women's health.

A group of these women were questioned regarding the regularity of their menstrual cycles, and whether they had been diagnosed with ovulatory failure. The dietary habits of the women were analyzed. This is what the researchers found -

Low fat dairy food – women who ate two or more servings daily, were 85% more likely to suffer infertility due to ovulatory disorders than those who ate low fat one or fewer times per week.

Full fat dairy food – in contrast women who ate full fat dairy (including ice cream) at least once a day, reduced their risk of ovulatory infertility by 27% compared to those who ate one or fewer servings of whole dairy per week.

Researchers concluded that low fat dairy may increase the risk of anovulatory infertility (lack of ovulation with menstruation). High fat dairy may decrease this risk.

Results were surprising for everyone involved! How does the full fat dairy help increase female fertility? The researchers suggested that a certain fat soluble substance within the full fat version may contribute towards improved ovarian function. Further research is needed to fully understand the reasons.

The findings found no evidence between normal intakes of calcium, phosphorus, lactose, or vitamin D (all found in dairy) contributing towards ovulatory problems.

This study was led by Dr Jorge Chavarro from the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School Of Public Health, and also involved Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School (Boston). Published online in the journal Human Reproduction – February 28, 2007.

Of course we always recommend that if you're concerned about any aspect of your fertility, to have a full medical evaluation done. This can rule out any identifiable health issues that can affect your chances of conception. A general check up with your doctor for a preconception care visit should be mandatory regardless (for both partners).

Although ovulatory dysfunction only accounts for a certain percentage of women, clearly the full fat dairy seemed to have a positive impact on women's reproductive health. Therefore if you're trying to become pregnant, swap the skimmed milk for whole milk, ditch the low fat yogurt, or have a scoop of full fat ice cream for desert!

The researchers involved in this study recommend one serving of full fat dairy per day until pregnancy is achieved.

If you're concerned about daily calorie intake, try this very simple step. The best way to balance out calories is by cutting down on saturated fat from other areas (e.g. meats). Eat more proteins from sources such as legumes (peas, beans, lentils) grains, nuts and seeds. Spirilina is also an excellent source of complete protein. Once pregnant you can swap back onto the low fat dairy foods.

We recommend eating only organic dairy food. There's plenty around to choose from if you do your homework! This is to avoid any growth hormones that may be present in conventional dairy products. Check out our page on the

benefits of organic food as this topic is very enlightening! This is an important element of your fertility diet, for both men and women.

*Please note - Avoid unpasteurized dairy, as any women trying to conceive needs to beware of any foods that are most likely to harbor the listeria bacteria. This is in case pregnancy occurs, as most women don't realize they're expecting during the early weeks.

Increase female fertility by maintaining a healthy balanced diet!

Hmmmm, which flavor ice cream is your favorite? Hey, if it may help improve your chances of conception, why not? The best excuse ever!

increase female fertility full fat dairy

Increasing fertility - yummmy!

Important - if you have a known allergy to dairy products or are lactose intolerant then you should continue to avoid. Endometriosis and PCOS are conditions where dairy should be excluded from the diet.

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