Natural fertility enhancers for
(women and men)

We've listed the most popular natural fertility enhancers on the market today!

Getting the body primed before trying to conceive can really improve the chances of a pregnancy, but many couples don't know where to begin or what's available to help. Therefore we've put together the best of the best fertility products available today for you to look at! These products have been formulated by experts and are backed by research and scientific knowledge.

Fertility supplements from Fairhaven Health

FertilAid Value Pack for women and men

FertilAid for women supplies the body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are known to promote female hormonal balance and support reproductive health. Includes the herbs vitex, red clover blossom, siberian ginseng, and ginko biloba. This supplement also contains folic acid which reduces the risk of neural tube defects (birth defects). Provides 100% RDA of specific nutrients that aid fertility. Recommended for those who are struggling with infertility or for any women during preconception.

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FertilAid for men if full of essential nutrients that help increase sperm count and concentration, improve motility (movement and speed) and morphology (shape and size). All of these criteria influence the chances of an egg being fertilized. Includes zinc and selenium which are important antioxidants for male reproductive health, plus it contains L-Carnitine which has been shown to help with sperm quality. Provides 100% RDA or more of important vitamins and minerals.

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Herbal fertility teas – Fairhaven Health

                                FertiliTea for women

        ViriliTea for men

Fertilitea for women is a great natural fertility enhancer! Blended with organic herbs that contain a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals aimed especially to restore female balance. This tea is easy to make and refreshing with a yummy peppermint flavor.

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ViriliTea for men is designed with a unique combination of plants to optimize male reproductive health, enhance fertility, and promote sexual vitality! Flavored with ginger, cat mint, cinnamon bark, and stevia. Ingredients are all organic and wildcrafted.

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Fertility detox – Fairhaven Health

FertileDetox for women and men

FertileDetox for both women and men was formulated to assist the body's to neutralize and eliminate toxins that can interfere with fertility health. We're exposed to toxins and chemicals on a daily basis. These can be found in the air we breath, the food we eat, personal care products, cleaning products in the home, work environment, environmental pollution etc. A good body detox can help improve the chances of conception. Contains favorites like milk thistle, dandelion root, grape seed and green tea extract (powerful antioxidants) probiotics for gut health, along with other ingredients to help with the body's own cleansing systems through the liver and intestines.

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Herbal formula from Native Remedies

Herbal Fertility Combo Pack for women and men

Fertil XX for women is a natural herbal tonic that encourages normal fertility hormone levels. This remedy helps support regular egg production and ovulation. The tonic action promotes a healthy environment for conception to take place. Great for mood, libido, and sexual pleasure! Contains Black Cohosh, Chasteberry, and Eleuthero.

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Fertil XY for men supports the functioning of the male sexual organs - prostate, seminal vesicles, testes, and penis. This in turn helps produce normal testosterone levels, to promote a healthy sperm count and motility. It's also good for the sex drive! Take note that this male herbal fertility remedy has been used for many years to create systemic balance. Contains horny goat weed, gotu kola, and tribulus.

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Fertility programs and kits– from Natural Fertility Shop

          The Fertility Cleanse Kit for women

     Male Fertility Cleanse Kit

The Fertility Cleanse Kit (for women) and the Male Fertility Cleanse Kit are just two of the excellent fertility program kits available. Different programs have been put together for different reproductive needs, for example - for egg health, for those with PCOS, or there's even a complete men's fertility program.

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