Sperm friendly lubricants
when planning a pregnancy

sperm friendly lubricants egg and sperm

Never heard of sperm friendly lubricants?

The personal lubricant that a couple uses, could make the difference between a positive or negative pregnancy test!

Ovulation timing is just right, and you know that now is the best time for conceiving. Great - but perhaps not so convenient.

You've both had a tough day at work and the chores around the house are still waiting for some attention... exhausting.

So how about sex? It's sometimes difficult to get into the mood. Therefore it's very common for couples to use a little help from vaginal lubricants. Stress, tiredness, and some medications can easily cause dryness for women. A little lube helps a lot, making intercourse a more comfortable experience for both.

Only use sperm friendly lubricants to increase your odds of pregnancy! Most personal lubricants are inhospitable for sperm (including popular brand names) even if labeled non-spermicidal.

A majority of lubrication products are known to cause sperm motility problems because of their thick consistency. Sperm has difficulty reaching the fertile cervical mucus. This mucus plays an important role for successful conception to take place.

The vagina naturally has acid secretions which can cripple or kill sperm. However alkaline cervical mucus produced just before ovulation protects male reproductive cells, and helps transport them through into the uterus. Sperm can't penetrate quick enough through regular lubricants, therefore spending more time in the acidic vagina - and they can die!

Furthermore, lab studies have shown that there's more concerns than just a decrease in motility. The ingredients in some well known lubricants can effect sperm viability (number of alive cells) and DNA integrity.

Luckily there's a sperm friendly lubricant which is designed especially for use when trying to conceive. Pre-Seed is an intimate moisturizer that comes highly recommended by fertility specialists. This lubricant has a similar pH level and osmotic concentration as semen, providing a healthy environment for sperm to survive! The natural feel makes it very pleasant to use.


pre-seed with applicators

Pre-Seed multi-use tube with 9 applicators

Pre-Seed is the very first sperm friendly lubricant to be designed specifically for trying to conceive couples!

Make sure you've read up on our preconception care page to ensure optimal fertility of both parents-to-be, and the healthiest possible start for an unborn child. This information is a must know for all couples planning their future.

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We wish you successful baby making!

Important – These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Regular vaginal lubricants shouldn't be relied on for the sole purpose of contraception as pregnancy may still occur.

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