Stop smoking tips to help
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How to give up smoking? Here are some great stop smoking tips to help you onto better health!

Smoking cigarettes is one of the worst habits around! Not only is it bad for the reproductive system, but smoking also increases potential health risks for your future child. DNA damage from either sperm cells or the ovum (egg cell) can affect offspring in numerous ways.

If you're planning for a baby it's best for both partners to have quit cigarettes well before trying to conceive. This is to allow the body time to detoxify and become healthier.

Everyone has the ability to stop. It may not be easy, but with determination it's very possible. We'll give you some of the best stop smoking tips to get you started.

Giving up smoking side effects

Nicotine is an addictive substance so withdrawal symptoms are possible, and it's important to know about them. These can be psychological and/or physical. Side effects are different for each person. Perhaps the number one stop smoking tip is... hang in there! Symptoms usually pass after a couple of weeks and are definitely worth the hassle!

The body will be expelling toxins so it's common to feel a little off color to begin with. You may experience coughing, mild shaking, sweats, headaches, and/or insomnia. There can also be psychological side effects such as irritability or anxiety which will also pass.

Increased appetite – nicotine is an appetite suppressant, so when a person first gives up cigarettes they will feel the urge to eat more. Smoking slightly raises the body's metabolism. A heavy smoker burns approximately an extra 200 calories per day. As metabolism reverts back to an original state it's normal to gain a small amount of weight. Be aware and take extra care to prepare nutritious meals. Snack with low calorie options. If you continue to eat healthy this weight should be easier to shed, along with regular exercise.

Best stop smoking tips!

Firstly, tell yourself how much you want (and need) to give up cigarettes!

Mentally prepare - set a date in your diary that you wish to stop smoking by.

Create a list of all the benefits of giving up such as -

Boosted immune system

Best for your family

To live longer

Clothes won't smell of smoke

Clearer skin and better looking hair

Fresh breath

Have more money etc.

Write this list down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you'll see it often. Perhaps on your bedroom mirror or fridge door.

The most important step is to find a good stop smoking program to suit your individual needs.

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Find some support - an essential stop smoking tip! This may be in the way of a stop smoking support group, a quit phone line, your partner, other family and friends, your doctor or nurse. You don't need to feel alone!

Find a few friends that also wish to quit smoking - so you can help encourage each other.

Dispose of all smoking paraphernalia - e.g. ashtrays and lighters. Throw away any left over cigarettes or tobacco and their packaging. Create a non smoking environment.

Don't allow others to smoke inside your house.

Positive affirmations to say out loud –

I believe I can give up smoking

My body will love me for doing this

I am so proud of myself for taking this important step

Soon I will be a non smoker and I will feel great!

Visualization techniques – the mind is our most powerful tool! The key is to visualize yourself as if you've already given up smoking. Look into the future.

Close your eyes, relax, and imagine yourself as a non smoker. Feel how much easier it will be for your lungs to breath in oxygen. Think about how much more energy you'll have to do the activities you like. Create your own scenario.

You may also like to visualize your future baby, growing in the womb, free of all the harmful toxins produced by cigarettes.

Clean up in the home if you used to smoke inside - use eco-friendly cleaning alternatives (non toxic). This is a great stop smoking tip because the home will be refreshed! Remove the smell and the smoke stains. Put fresh flowers around the house. Pick up any unsightly cigarette butts left outside on the ground.

Avoid being around other people while they are smoking - explain that you are trying to quit. Remember that passive smoking is just as harmful.

Look out for any situations that may encourage you to light up - such as with a coffee, or immediately after dinner. You may need to form some new routines.

Keep some sugar free gum handy as a substitute!

Keep yourself busy - a good stop smoking tip is find things to distract your attention when you feel a strong craving coming on – e.g. read a book, phone a friend, send an email, do some gardening, go for a walk.

Take up a new hobby so you have something new to focus your attention on!

Keep your hands/fingers occupied - it's hard getting used to not holding a cigarette or lighter. Try doing puzzles, drawing, or writing.

Eat healthy - avoid replacing cigarettes with junk food! For snacks try fresh organic fruit salads and raw vegetables which are full of flavor. Some vege options include carrot and celery sticks, cut up pieces of capsicum, cucumber, and radish. Snow peas in the pod and cherry tomatoes are bite size.

Drink enough water - helps flush those toxins out of the body.

Most doctors recommend at least -

Eight x 8 ounce glasses of water per day or

Eight U.S. fluid ounces = 236.5ml per glass

Regular exercise – boosts metabolism. Smokers physical fitness is often compromised, so talk to your personal physician first before starting any new activities. Take it easy to begin with and build up your fitness level slowly over time. This will also help combat any weight gain and reduce stress.

Learn some relaxation techniques as this is great for stress relief – e.g. controlled breathing, stretching, yoga, or meditation. Book in a massage as a treat. We recommend the Calm Within CD from Native Remedies.

Smokers have stained teeth so get your teeth professionally cleaned/whitened - you'll want to keep them looking that way!

Save the money that you would have normally spent each week on smoking - buy something nice for yourself as a reward!

Take things one day at a time!

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These stop smoking tips should get you started on the way to a new healthier you!

These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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