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Conception/fertility tips

When you're trying to conceive, there are many different factors that both partners need to consider - to get it right, so to speak!

conception tips

It's not unusual for some couples to start becoming frustrated when their first few attempts at getting pregnant have failed. Just the fact that you're reading this page is proof enough!

Both you and your partner are looking forward to starting a family! Having a baby may even become the number one priority in your lives. However, just stopping the birth control doesn't always guarantee conception! There's more to it!

So the timing may be good, but unfortunately it's not always easy to become pregnant just when you want to. Conception is quite a complex process biologically! There are many different factors that have to be just right when planning for this event to take place!

Did you know that even for a healthy young couple who are actively trying for a baby, the probability of conceiving per cycle is around 20 percent. Those odds decrease with age.

Help increase your chances of conception with a little knowledge!

How to become pregnant then? You'll discover that a little preparation and planning can make the difference between a positive or negative pregnancy result!

There are some other considerations you may want to investigate first... We always encourage both partners to have a mandatory doctors visit before trying to conceive for a general check up. This is to diagnose any health conditions that may interfere with your fertility in any way, and to review any current medications you may be taking.

The medical community describes the term infertility, as not conceiving after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse (male/female). Once a women is 35 years old this time frame changes to six months.

We recommend having a look at our signs of infertility page. This has information regarding some of the most common bodily symptoms for you to take notice of. These are clues that can help your doctor diagnose any medical conditions which may contribute towards infertility. In many cases treatments are available.

Both partners should also look into certain living and environmental factors that can influence fertility health. We take a good look into these topics within our lifestyle and fertility problems section of this website.

Also our fertility diet is highly recommended reading. A good healthy diet plays a huge role towards aiding the reproductive system into functioning at an optimal level! Find out which foods and supplements are best and what needs to be avoided

Of course there are many things you need to consider before trying for a baby, as the act of sexual intercourse is just one part of the process!

We aim to provide you with helpful insights to help give you a head start with your baby making plans! Within this trying to conceive section some of the subjects we'll look into include -

  • Pre-conception care
  • Ovulation timing
  • Sperm friendly lubricants
  • Conception positions
  • Increasing sperm count
  • And other priceless top conception/fertility tips!

This is information that both men and women need to know about when trying to conceive!

Natural fertility enhancers (men and women)

To help with your conception efforts check out these very successful natural fertility enhancers.. we've listed the most popular on the market!

A preconception care plan is a good place to start for every couple!

A preconception care plan can help promote fertility for prospective parents-to-be, and also provide the healthiest start for a growing baby!

Sperm friendly lubricants

Approximately 70% of trying to conceive couples experience vaginal dryness (possibly due to stress) so personal lubricants are commonly used. But did you know that most lubricants are harmful to sperm, and this can make conception difficult! Read all about sperm friendly lubricants.

Both partners can benefit from a good detox supplement!

Most of us are exposed to toxins on an everyday basis which can build up within the body. We've found a detoxification supplement designed especially for reproductive health and to help improve the chances of conception taking place!

Best conception positions

When trying for a baby, there are some conception positions that are believed to help your odds. It pays to work with gravity, not against it!

Guys, are you doing all you can to ensure
your sperm is up for the task?

The most common answer to that question is - probably not! When trying to conceive, it pays to make sure you're looking after your swimmers. Learn all about how to increase sperm count.

Relax with a cup of fertility tea - specific blends for men and women

Help along your conception efforts with a delicious herbal fertility tea! Nutritious ingredients picked out distinctly for reproductive health.

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